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Our Response to COVID-19

This pandemic is both a health crisis and an economic crisis. We have founded and supported local initiatives to address immediate needs in our community, and continue to promote accurate information.

Public Health

This is a Lancaster County community group that is active on Facebook. Megan Waldman started this group to connect individuals/businesses in need with those who can help. Needs range from picking up and delivering groceries, donating food and supplies, and connecting individuals and organizations with other entities. We encourage individuals to email for those who do not have Facebook and/or if they are uncomfortable making a request public. 

Lancaster Masks is a 501c3 nonprofit that facilitates PPE production and distribution to healthcare organizations and those in need throughout Lancaster County. Lancaster Masks is working closely with the local Amish and Mennonite community, as well as local social groups, to mass-produce masks. Megan is involved in coordination and communication efforts for this group.


EnCourage Lancaster was established during the unprecedented health crisis of 2020 to empower all small businesses, micro-enterprises and start-ups in Lancaster County to continue enriching our local economy. Megan has joined forces with local small business owners to support the local economy. In partnership with ASSETS and Community First Fund, Encourage Lancaster has developed the Lancaster City Small Business Emergency Fund: a new fund composed of both grants and loans to provide emergency relief to Lancaster City small businesses struggling under the financial impact of COVID-19. 

Support Lancaster City Small Businesses by promoting and donating to the Fund. DONATE HERE

Informative Updates

General Public and Scientific Community

We are dedicated to increasing awareness and combatting misinformation. This is accomplished by sharing up-to-date information from reputable sources such as the CDC and WHO in a timely and understandable fashion. 

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